About Me

I am a 17 year old white dude from Texas, and I am currently studying coding and 3d printing. My goal in life is to become a pilot and own my own plane so I can travel the world and experience all of the wonders of said world.
I play the saxophone (intermediate level, and I might put up some of the stuff I play up here). I have no real skills (besides the sax, I guess), but I hope you will find me and my website interesting, and the thought that I
could make someone happy with my website makes me happy, too.

My top 5 favorite things are:

  1. JoJos Bizarre Adventure
  2. Tsuyu Asui
  3. Fist of the North Star
  4. Magic: the Gathering
  5. Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 ed)

If you havent checked out JoJos Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, or Fist of the North Star before, I highly recomnend them, as they are some of my favorite anime / manga of all time.

If you want to read the manga version of them, then click this link here, or for the specific series links, click on the links below.

I'm also an avid fan of music, and I like a varity of bands/songs. Some of my favorite are: