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Ravnica: the plane of cities

Brief story of influences and ideas

Oh boy was there a LOT of them. If you're a fan of Magic: the gathering, you would have noticed the title itself is a reference to magic. For those who don’t know, it’s a city plane in the magic universe, and I felt it was one of my favorite places, and it really fit the narrative of the type of story I wanted to tell. The theme I was going for was suspense mystery, with a lot of comedic elements. I wanted to create a paradox, if you will, where the characters think they know what’s going on, they think that their quest is unimportant to the world, but they would be wrong. Very wrong. You'll might notice the subtle JoJo references in the story. Most were intentional, but some of them kind of breed into them. As I was making the NPC's (non playable characters, in case you didn’t know) and world, I thought, for instance, that it would be cool if they fought a bunch of noble vampire people (I got that idea from Darkest Dungeon, one of my favorite if not my favorite turn based rpgs) that were making a wine with the blood of people in the neighboring city. When I thought of what powers the vampires would have, I wanted to have a super powerful defensive technique that the players would have to try to get around. I thought originally the vampires would have a sort of paralyzing spell (which they did have) but I wanted something more. I thought about making them have their arms turn into stone, but some of the players (the druid, really) could have been able to easily overcome that. Then, I thought, "Oh, remember that time when (spoilers for JoJo’s part one) Dio flash froze Dire by making his body temp super low? Let’s throw that in instead!" The players were in awe, and I was happy I could throw another JoJo reference in, cause tbh, you can’t really have too many JoJo references. Another major influence was Darkest Dungeon (I talked about it a bit before, but there's more than that). Lots of the NPC abilities come from this game, and one of the friendly NPCs (named Kevin) is just the bounty hunter off the game, because I really like his design and skills. Most of the enemies come from the 3.5 monster manual, but with special skills that flesh them out, giving them a unique aspect (like the vampire flash freezing thing).

Dm tips and tricks

One thing I struggled with when I first started out was, well, pretty much everything involving other people! I had awesome ideas, but when other people were thrown into the equation, well, it wasnt fun. If you're not having fun, there's no real point in playing then, is there. As I was going around website to website, video to video, I saw bits and pieces of info that was good, and I thought I would put my experiences and knowledge gained from those videos into an easy to read list. If you have any tips you would like to add, email me.

The story

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The plane of Ravnica is a diverse group of peoples: from elvic biomancers to goblin mad scientists to a guild based around a church run by the ghost council. Each guild co-exsits with each other (or at least tries to) but no relationship is without some problems. Each group has customs and traditions, values maybe not shared with the other groups. There used to ba a time where a guild peacekeeper solved these problems:a powerful planeswalker named Jace Beleran, but he vanished from the plane, leaving each group without a middleman to solve discrepancies between them. So, as time went on, they elected new members and such, but none were right for the job: it took a special type of person to be the guild peacekeeper. With the proper peacekeeper gone, Ravnica was forced to deal with its problems without a middle man. Without this middle man, the guilds started to conspire against each other, the tension growing more and more, until the tension finally snapped. The Izzet, the guild of mad scientist working with electricity and goblins, was attacked, one of their laboroties, the gigavolt lab, was bombed and looted by the Dimir, the shadow guild, notorious for being hired by other guilds to do their dirty work. Niv Mizzet, the draco genius with an IQ of 4 million, has hired our party to kill Vraska, the medusa guild leader of the Golgari, the swamp covered guild in the south, because she is rumered to have hired the Dimir. He sways he will pay a hefty price the medusas head, and how could you say no? It's just a simple medusa, after all. So, our party heads out, the promise of gold fueling their quest to slay the head of the Golgari.

Character Backstories

The Main Quest

Our party at this time consisted of Ninja, our human female ninja, Rowhan (this actually isnt a jojo reference: the person playing this character doesnt watch anime at all, and he just coincidentely named him Rowhan) our half-elf druid, Atlas, another half-elf druid, and Neko, our human fighter (weird group, I know).So, our party has reached the Unity Tree, a giant slab of stone with all guilds emblems encircling it in the center of Ravnica.

The party arives at the Unity Tree just in time for the annual meeting of the guilds to discuss their problems and border expansions and such. The meeting begins with the current guild peackeeper, named judas, giving the greeting of salutations, which goes over the rules and obligations that the guilds follow, and the manners that are needed for a peacful and respectful meeting. The guilds start listing off their greviences, starting with the Selesnya conclave complaining about the Grull (which isnt a guild) attacking their guild for the AEther pocket that's located at the manaflux tower. In the middle of that, a Izzet repesentive shouted out through the bickering, "What the hell are you gonna do about the attack made by the Dimir on one of our labs! We lost good rsearch and equipment! Oh, and I guess I have to mention the death of the workers and stuff." The mage mumbles of about the prices of equipment and research that was lost, but that was drownd out by the Dimirs rebuttle "What are you talking about? We did nothing of the sort!" The Dimir leader of the group steps up, and snears at the Izzet mage, "I would watch what you say, boy. There arnt many ways to piss of a Dimir, but what you just did was one of them." He looks up and down at the Izzet mage, then chuckles and says,"Anyway, you don't even look worth our time." The Izzet, astonished, stutters back, "Why you little shit! I know it was you, hell, we ALL know it was you!" he looks back and spreads his arms to the crowd, "Who here DOESN'T think the Dimir did this? They obvi-" the Izzet mage didnt get to finish his sentence as a magic missle slammed into his side with a massive explosive, sending him flying into his comrades.